Tuesday, 31 December 2013

By Jingo! We'll put British Jingoism in Your Sporran for 2014.

You'd think they'd learn. First David Cameron called for 
"a commemoration [of World War 1] that, like the Diamond Jubilee celebrations this year, says something about who we are as a people. Remembrance must be the hallmark of our commemorations.
Then some idiot decides it would be a whizzo wheeze to have an England - Germany football match to commemorate the unofficial Christmas truce of 1914 between British Empire & Allied and German Empire troops. UK Culture Secretary Maria Miller (Head Honcho for the UK WW1 Commemorations / Celebrations) let the cat out of the bag with a panic response on the BBC Radio 4 Today Programme to the question "What's it all about?": 
"At that point in Britain’s history,” she said, “it was important that there was a war that ensured that Europe could continue to be a set of countries which were strong and which could be working together."
Now, I have no pretensions to being a coin designer. However, I can think of something round that would encapsulate National feeling about WW1 that would fit well on a coin. I can even think of of a short motto to accompany the image that would be instantly recognisable to every citizen as remembering the slaughter of WW1.

So what have the Royal Mint done? So much for Remembrance being the hallmark of our commemorations.

By Jingo! I wish you a happy, prosperous and last Unionist New Year.

Postscript 5 Jan 13: In case anyone is in any doubt about the jingoistic, first ever UK Government celebration of the start of a war having more to do with Better Together than any notion of remembrance, see this from the Better Together site.