Sunday, 27 December 2015

Not The BBC Scotland 2015 News Quiz

Have you been paying attention in 2015? Try your luck with the Not the BBC Scotland News Quiz.

1. How many SNP MPs have actually been questioned by police following mahoosive media "scandals" since the election?

  • A. Two.
  • B. None.
  • C. None but SNPBad anyway.

2.  A new hospital built with public funds rather than your grandchildrens' indentured PFI servitude opened in Glasgow. What is it called?
  • A. The New Southern General.
  • B. The Sweaty Betty.
  • C. Her Britannic Majesty Queen Elizabeth's Infirmary Gawd Bless 'Er But Did Ye Ken Folk Have Died in It? Whit! Folk Have Died in a Hospital? Unprecedented! SNPBad. The Knighthood's In The Post.

3.  The SNP won 56 out of 59 seats in the UK General Election. This means Scotland is:
  • A. A representative democracy.
  • B. A sort of representative democracy but wi' cask-strength hingers oan like the Baron Foulkes of Glenfiddich.
  • C. A one party state akin to North Korea. SNPBad

4.  The top political blog in Scotland is:

5.  A Truss End Link failed on the Forth Road Bridge causing its closure in December. This was because?
  • The bridge is old and carries much more than its design capacity.
  • The Labour-led FETA (and subsequently Transport Scotland) delayed maintenance which would close the bridge until the new bridge opens but other bits of Labour opposed the new bridge being built at all.
  • SNP MPs had a ceilidh on the bridge and bust it. SNP Bad.

How did you get on?

All As? - Null points but you're basically a sound North Briton and a jolly good egg, if a bit thick.

All Bs? 5/10 You're obviously bright but your critical faculties have been damaged by exposure to a separatist cult. We'd offer you a half price TV licence but you probably don't pay for one anyway.

All Cs? 10/10.  You are indeed a proud, patriotic North Briton. Have a free TV licence.