Friday, 18 July 2014

It Wisnae Me

Before The Tass pub in Edinburgh's Royal Mile became No 1 The High Street, there was a piece of cod heraldry above the inside of the main door. The quartered shield depicted the fesse chequee (checker board) of Stewart, an L plate, a set of pipes and a pair of crossed keys. The flounces around the shield were made up of barbed wire and tomato plants and the crest was a depiction of a grey, foreboding building. It was made for a John Stewart, a piper and keen amateur tomato grower who had been promoted to be Assistant Governor of Barlinnie. The whole was surmounted by the unofficial motto of that establishment: "It Wisnae Me."

To warm you up and get you in the mood before the main attraction, here's Rantum Scantum's excellent musical examination of the same phenomenon.

Now to the main attraction. Take yourself over to Bella Caledonia and read playwright Peter Arnott's excellent examination of why, if there's a No vote in September 2014, No Voters in 2016 will be as rare as 1979 Tory Voters were in 1981: Dinner with No Voters or “What I wanted to say before the Pudding hit the fan.” It's one of the best pieces on the indyref I've read so far.

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