Monday, 15 September 2014

Her Majesty urges Scots to ignore Labour pleas

Yesterday at Crathie Parish Church, Her Majesty The Queen urged Scots not to listen to Scottish Labour. In a direct contradiction of their "Don't Know? Vote No" campaign, Her Majesty expressed the hope that "voters will think very carefully about the future".

Scottish Labour has a long history of treating their supporters as ignorant ballot fodder and their latest campaign for a No vote urges undecided voters not to bother reading up on the issues before deciding, but to blindly vote No.

It has long been known that the more voters think about the future and engage with the debate, the more likely they are to vote Yes, and this has recently been confirmed by an academic study by Edinburgh University.

Better Together's strategy of attempting to turn voters off from engaging with the issues, repeatedly failing to turn up to public debates and events at the last minute and trying to frighten voters with ever more ludicrous scare stories, coupled with their expectation that their loyal Labour ballot fodder would simply roll out and vote down independence has led them to conduct the most complacent and inept political campaign in modern history.  Unionists are consequently in full-blown panic mode.

The Labour ballot fodder is no longer there in sufficient numbers as most Scots have loyally followed their Sovereign's advice over the last 2 years and thought extremely carefully about the future before concluding that a Yes vote offers the best future.

It is not known yet whether Labour will be cowed into desisting from encouraging ignorance among their supporters, following this indirect expression of the Sovereign's displeasure. Some of the campaign material which may have to be withdrawn includes insulting personalized letters and posters.