Monday, 13 April 2015

Nicola should grant Home Rule ... to England

The Tories parked no less than 6 Nicola Sturgeon / Alec Salmond posters outside the Labour manifesto launch this morning. Now that psycho Jim Murphy's 'biggest party forms the government' lie is well and truly blown out of the water, is it time for Nicola to consider granting Home Rule to England?

England is apparently deadlocked, with Labour & Tories both polling around 32 - 34%. If the Tories win most seats in England, but the Left wins in the UK as a whole, we have the prospect of an 'arrangement' between parties to make Ed Miliband Prime Minister of the UK.

However, if Nicola were to stand by the long-established practice of SNP MPs not voting on England Only matters (or to set a very high bar for voting in such matters on the basis of the knock-on effect in Scotland), we have a very interesting prospect: A Prime Minister of the UK whose writ doesn't run for @ 85% of the population of the UK and in the very same House of Commons as he himself sits. Cameron would effectively become Prime Minister of England. It is conceivably within Nicola's power to create a Federal UK by effectively granting Home Rule not to Scotland (which she can't), but to England (which she very much could).