Thursday, 15 May 2014

David Cameron Puts the Boot into Better Together

It's almost worthy of Flashman. Even the keenest Yes supporter might hesitate to put the boot into Better Together this week, but David Cameron has no such qualms. Let's see, in the latest of a long run of disastrous weeks for the No Campaign, this week:
  • Their leader Alistair Darling has been "sidelined" (Toryspeak for sacked).
  • He has been replaced by Douglas Alexander, mastermind of the 2010 Labour defeat, David Milliband's Labour leadership defeat and the strategy which has Labour currently behind the Tories in the UK polls. True to form, Alexander promptly went on Sunday Politics and got into a fankle lying about VAT.
  • The £46,500 "secret" Ipsos-Mori poll which prompted the sacking is discovered in Cabinet Office accounts, resulting in the Twitter hashtag #PublishThePoll trending UK-wide and across the US.
  • Gordon "Curse of Jonah" Brown has yet again threatened that he is going to be a big beast in the debate. How many times is that he's been re-launched in the campaign?
  • The Vote No Borders "Spontaneous", "Grassroots" No Campaign allegedly set up in response to the dismal performance and negativity of Better Together has been well and truly exposed as an astroturf campaign by government contract spin doctors Acanchi that has been in the pipeline for 2 years. Likewise it has no qualms dealing in fear mongering.
  • The Sun started an alleged love bombing campaign, getting fruitcakes like John McCririck to pen patronizing articles that would have even Mason Boyne reaching for a Yes vote.
  • The Orange Order announced it is to parade "up to 25,000" sectarian bigots with big drums through Edinburgh a few days before the Referendum. That should have even the doucest of blue-rinsed, Morningside Matrons at least considering a Yes.

So what does the non-debating Defender of the Union David Cameron do? As if his coming to Scotland wasn't bad enough for Better Together, he resurrects the memory of the late John Smith

20 years after the death of the last Labour leader before the party was taken over by closet Tories like Blair and Brown and nonentities like Milliband, Lamont and Alexander, Cameron underlines why Labour voters are defecting from the hijacked Labour party line in droves

Perhaps Cameron thought it would be easier to use a dead Labour leader as a Tory sock puppet than Ed Milliband, Alistair Darling, Douglas Alexander, Johann Lamont. Oh, hang on, wait a minute ...

Alternatively, you might wonder which side Cameron is really on? You might think that he secretly wants a Yes vote. He's coming up to put some boot about, but into Better Together. You might think that, I couldn't possibly comment.

Yes Scotland should welcome his visit. May there be many more like it.