Sunday, 4 May 2014

Now is the hour for BBC Scotland

So, the Sunday Herald has come out for independence. Excellent news, but the most interesting thing about that fact is not the Sunday Herald per se, it's how the BBC will handle that story.

The Sunday Herald is nowhere near as influential as the BBC. However it is obscenely more influential than some Tory-donating and arse-kissing nonentity who managed to screw £150K out of (probably) the British Government to put up a website called Vote No Borders with some YouTube videos of a few retards to rival Wee Dugs and Sausage Rolls and Donald fae Embra who's voting No for to make life better for his ancestors.

The BBC spent 2 days this week giving said Tory-donating and arse-kissing nonentity wall-to-wall coverage and calling his efforts a "grassroots" movement! Anyone with even a modicum of skepticism could see it was a paid-for PR stunt. How could the BBC possibly not see that?

Let's see how much coverage the BBC gives to an influential and respected organ coming out for independence. Having made a fool of itself with Vote No Borders, the BBC's future in Scotland depends on whether The Sunday Herald story gets similar coverage.