Thursday, 17 October 2013

£25,000 Internet Fraud. Lord Robertson Presses Charges.

It's only been running since yesterday, but already nearly 30 Scots have allegedly been fleeced of almost £1,300 according to Lord Robertson. The fraud, believed to be masterminded by Russian internet criminals Юлие Фоулис & Чхрис Ригхт, aims to net £25,000 in only 60 days.

Should  Юлие Фоулис & Чхрис Ригхт be behind bars?
This scam is being perpetrated on the ludicrous basis that an organisation known as Tobar an Dualchais / Kist o' Riches has been preserving and making available to the public free of charge thousands of hours of non-existent Scottish Language and Culture. 

Aren't we lucky to have quondam socialist and SNP member George now The Baron Robertson of Port Ellen KT GCMG FRSA FRSE PC to save us from unscrupulous scams like this? As recently as 23rd September at Abertay University he warned students and the wider Scottish public that there was no such thing as Scottish culture or language (35:50):

“There’s no linguistic differentiation, no great cultural, eh, discrimination that might argue for it, like it does in some other countries, you know, in Flanders in Belgium they say “Why can’t we become an independent state?”, or Catalonia and Spain, where a million and a quarter people marched in the streets. They say they want to become an independent state, but they've got language, and culture, and all these sort of things. We don’t have any of that.”
Lord Robertson is understood to be writing to Chief Constable of Police Scotland urging that the gang be rounded up. Speaking exclusively to Logic's Rock this morning he said: 
"It's deplorable! At a time when NHS Scotland is making a special effort to deal with alcohol consumption, these scammers are offering £50 off courses in speaking Garlic and Garlic songs of drinking and revelry given at some place called Sabhal Mor Ostrich by a lush from Lvov called Маргарет Стеварт. Well, she must be Russian or Ukrainian since a proud Scot like me can't understand a word she says.
"Two of the scammers, the aforementioned Юлие Фоулис and a Донние Мунро actually expect gullible Scots to pay up and then invite them into their homes to give private concerts! Would you invite a Russian internet criminal into your home and pay for the privilege?"
A spokesman for Police Scotland said "Lord Robertson has been detained for questioning and will be examined by a police surgeon in due course.  Until our investigations are concluded on or about 15th December, we urge people to click on links to Tobar an Dualchais' Sponsume site and to give as much as they can."