Saturday, 8 June 2013

Deep Love? Aye, bend over.

This deserves to have the widest circulation possible. I doubt there could be a better demonstration of why the British establishment just doesn't "get it" than the UK Prime Minister giving an interview to the Daily Mail.

Thank you Mr Cameron from the bottom of my heart.  Please do come as often as you like to Scotland and give interviews like this.  As a member, I'd gladly vote for the Yes Campaign to reimburse your fares, and even put you up in The Balmoral so you could stay overnight and rack us up some more Yes votes the following day. 

Feel free to bring Mr Osborne with you. Indeed, now that you've lost your RedTory virginity and had Mr Darling at your Scottish Conference, why not bring the 2 Eds, Balls & Milliband as well?  While they're learning how to out-swivel your Swivel-eyed Loons on the right, they can be racking us up a few thousand Yes votes as well.

Deep love?  Aye, bend over ...

Be sure to at least scan the swivel-eyed loonery in the comments below the article as well.

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