Thursday, 20 June 2013

The Baffled Mr Hague

So, foreign nations find Scotland's desire for independence,  the natural state of all nations "baffling" according to Mr Hague?  Perhaps Mr Hague would disclose which of the nations appended at the bottom of this article with the dates of their independence from Wasteminster are baffled and which ones have decided to resolve their bafflement by applying for a resumption of rule from Wasteminster? I imagine the figure in both cases is a very round figure.

So, it'll cost a fortune to set up Scottish diplomatic missions and intelligence and security infrastructure:

"That, he says, will place a “huge burden” on the Scottish taxpayer as the new country would be required to build up its security and diplomatic infrastructure in order to defend and promote its interests across the world."

Strange that the very same Mr Hague is content to share embassies with Canada (and he hopes Australia and New Zealand), but apparently not with an Independent Scotland which already owns 8.4% of all FCO property worldwide. Doesn't Mr Hague make you feel loved as a Scottish person in the union that he's prepared to share with Canadians, Aussies and New Zealanders, but not with Scots who already own the infrastructure?

As to Intelligence & Security, most Western intelligence is already shared between the USA, Canada, Australia and the UK. If, while Scotland is getting its Int & Sy infrastructure set up, intelligence pointing to a threat to Scotland were to emerge, even if Mr Hague would be content to see Scots killed or maimed in a fit of pique, I'm sure our American, Canadian or Australian allies (many of whom are of Scots descent) would tip us the wink.

In any event, as we don't intend indulging in Wasteminster's sport of invading other folks' countries, the conventional and terrorist threat to Scotland will be far less than to the UK.  Anyway, I though Mr Hague was busy trying to get us embroiled in a war in Syria having just made another 7,000 troops redundant this month. I suggest he calls on Action Man to fight it.

There's more wittering about the G8 and punching above our weight as part of the UK.  Oddly enough, not only do I not want to punch above my weight, I don't particularly want to punch anyone at all. Neither do most Scots.

Short link to this article:

United States of America 1776
Canada 1867
Australia 1901
South Africa 1910
Afghanistan 1919
Egypt 1922
Ireland 1922
Iraq 1932
Jordan 1946
Bangladesh 1947
India 1947
New Zealand 1947
Pakistan 1947
Israel 1948
Myanmar 1948
Sri Lanka 1948
Libya 1951
Sudan 1956
Ghana 1957
Cyprus 1960
Nigeria 1960
Somalia 1960
Cameroon 1961
Kuwait 1961
Sierra Leone 1961
Tanzania 1961
Jamaica 1962
Trinidad  & Tobago 1962
Uganda 1962
Kenya 1963
Malaysia 1963
Singapore 1963
Malawi 1964
Malta 1964
Zambia 1964
Gambia 1965
Barbados 1966
Botswana 1966
Guyana 1966
Lesotho 1966
Swaziland 1966
Maldives 1968
Mauritius 1968
South Yemen 1969
Fiji 1970
Bahrain 1971
Kiribati 1971
Qatar 1971
United Arab Emirates 1971
Bahamas 1973
Grenada 1974
Seychelles 1976
Dominica 1978
Solomon Islands 1978
Tuvalu 1978
Brunei 1979
Saint Lucia 1979
Saint Vincent & the Grenadines 1979
Vanuatu 1980
Zimbabwe 1980
Antigua & Barbuda 1981
Belize 1981
Saint Kitts & Nevis 1983