Sunday, 9 June 2013

The Unst Christmas Panto Drew A Bigger Crowd

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland sallied North to address his loyal following in Scotland (both Blue and Red Tories thanks to Captain Darling).  However, he got a severe kicking in the Hootsmon on Sunday from their perfectly frightful resident swivel-eyed loon, Euan McColm.

From a Yes point of view, Mr Cameron is always welcome in Scotland. Perhaps next time he could bring that nice Mr Osborne and that other Tory front bench - the two Eds, Balls and Milliband. The Scottish people do so love to hear from them all, professing their deep love with gifts like Trident on our doorstep, illegal wars, benefit cuts for the working poor, redundancy notices for the Armed Forces (out this month) and RFA ship orders for Korea.  Mr Farage got a better reception in SoS (though not in the Royal Mile). Perhaps SoS now stands for Swivel on Sunday?

Anyhoo, I digress. I watched some of the TV coverage yesterday while sheltering from the sun in between bouts of hedge trimming and it struck me that the cameras were being awfully careful about their shots of the audience.  It was only on looking at the proud gallery of pictures on the @scottories twitter account that I realised that, in the early 90s, the island of Unst (pop. 1,073) had more bums on seats for the annual Christmas Panto:

The other highlight of yesterday was the much-heralded launch of Forces Together, Captain Darling's elite force of a retired donkey walloper, a dropshort and a chap who did an SSC in the RN whom he's managed to convince will not get their Service pensions in an independent Scotland.  The launch video is thoroughly cringeworthy. When you see what Jack Foster manages on a budget of Irn Bru bottle deposits, Ian Taylor must really be wondering what his dirty money is being spent on.  If you can stand the tedium, you can watch it here.

Better still, if Compo is not just a character in a Yorkshire Dales sitcom to you, log in at Yes Scotland and sign up for Veterans for Independence, also on Facebook.  I know, I'm not really into all this sectional nonsense either. However, if Captain Darling is trying to claim all Veterans are for Fettered Together, we'd better show the Scottish public there are some ex-forces people with functioning synapses.

"They're so thick I just had to tell them they wouldn't get their Service pensions if they vote Yes and they agreed to appear in the film!"

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At least some honesty is creeping in to their tweets:

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