Thursday, 13 February 2014

A Strong Voice in a Strong United Kingdom

Osborne, Alexander & Balls,
Found the writing was up on the walls.
Indyref polls nosediving,
Yes Scotland is thriving,
So a fearbomb's let out of the stalls.

(A Proud Cybernat badge to the best Osborne Limerick starting "Ireland made use of the Punt ...")

It must be heartening for Prof. Jim Gallagher, Secretary of State for Scotland Alistair Carmichael and self-styled Project Fear Chief Alistair Darling that their advice is wholeheartedly ignored in this Union in which they believe Scotland has a "strong voice".

Meanwhile, from the man himself, George Osborne in his categorical, cast-iron negation of a post-indyref currency union with enough get-out clauses for a double decker bus to drive through: "And why wouldn’t we keep the UK together? The UK works. In good times, and also in bad."

Aye, right. Occasionally the BBC does get it right:

Former First Minister and unionist Henry McLeish sees through it, so do we.

George seems to be courting the female vote for Yes Scotland. Lovebombs last week, fearbombs this week. Forget splitting up the CD collection, women know that when you're in a relationship with someone who begs you to stay one week and bullies and beats you up the next, the only sensible solution is to leave.

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