Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Miss Streisand is clearing her throat ...

I was interested today to read that Wings Over Scotland had been subjected to a sustained attempted Denial of Service attack in the week after it had passed 1,000,000 unique readers. I was particularly interested because this morning Google took down the second of my articles exposing the EDL origins of the British Unity erstwhile website and Facebook page which was later morphed into Vote No to Scottish Independence and Protect the Union, including some of the delightful creatures who were administrators of the Facebook Page in the past.

As yet, I have no details as to why Google has taken the pages down. The first article, Daily Mail's Witchfinder-General Graham Grant in Cahoots with Nazi Thug, was taken down at the behest of "VoteNo2014", presumably the remaining Vote No... Facebook Page administrator and Twitter Troll, @ASkinner2011.

The second takedown is far more intriguing. The article So who are British Unity? was taken down this morning at the behest of Glasgow Caledonian University. The University is already in trouble for apparently joining the No Campaign, quite why Vice-Chancellor Professor Pamela Gillies should wish to further court controversy by seeking to gag a pro-independence blog article which makes no reference whatsover to Glasgow Caledonian University is beyond me. I shall be in touch with the Vice-Chancellor to try to ascertain how I've managed to upset her.

While Miss Streisand clears her throat, I thought born again, Poof and Jew-hating former British Unity and Vote No 2014 administrator Billy Muir might particularly appreciate Miss Streisand singing the Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur prayer, Avinu Malkeinu.

I'll keep you posted as to developments.

Postscript 12 Feb 13. As indicated above, I queried the Cease and Desist notice with Prof. Pamela Gillies, Principal and Vice-Chancellor of GCU. To her credit, I received the following prompt response:

Dear Mr Macdonald 
Thank you for your email and for drawing the Cease and Desist letter, which appears to come from the University, to my attention. We are not aware of any Cease and Desist letter emanating from the University. Please be assured that we are investigating the matter. 
Professor Pamela Gillies CBE
Principal and Vice-Chancellor
Glasgow Caledonian University