Saturday, 1 February 2014

"Proud Cybernat" badges on sale now - As advertised in the Scottish Daily Mail!

They're here! You too can now have the distinguished honour of being hated by the Daily Mail in real life as well as in Cyberspace. Cybernat Witch-hunt month in the Scottish Daily Mail has seen the Cybernat Army grow by at least 2 Battalions and pro-indy bloggers featured in the Daily Hate reporting record traffic stats and hundreds, thousands in the bigger blogs, of new readers.

The daily Cybernat Watch feature appears to have come to an end. Perhaps Allan Roden, Scottish Political Editor, found himself drinking too much Hooch. The stress of scouring Twitter daily, hunting for anything remotely slightly derogatory written by a Cybernat, may have taken its toll.
Allan Roden

Proud Cybernat badges are really useful. Are you a pro-indy artist at Celtic Connections wanting to get round the BBC's ban on artists wearing Yes badges during televised performances? A Proud Cybernat badge makes for a striking alternative.

Are you worried about Daily Mail-reading perverts leering at your daughter as you walk her to school? Wear a Proud Cybernat badge and they will run a mile.

So, if you'd like the world to know that you are pro-indy, prefer not to get your political journalism from a hooch-swilling ned, don't crack one off leering at under-age girls described as "beyond their years" and don't like having your home-affairs news filtered though a Tory-boy nyaff who needs to get back at the world for his years of being bullied at school by bullying any potential 'out-group' he can identify, and is content to work hand-in-glove with fascist thugs to do it, then a Proud Cybernat badge is for you.

We now have 2 Cybernat songs, and fine songs they are too. The first by Hazel Lewry:

And a newer one by Yew Choob:

One of the "vile" Cybernats confronted and photographed by the Daily Mail was in the street walking home with her young son. I've decided that it may not be politic to flog off the badges in support of Yes Scotland. Pro-indy artist Peter Howson (left) launched their fundraising drive this week so I've decided to spread some love instead of Daily Hate by giving any surplus from the sale of the badges to Scottish Autism, who do great work with autistic children and their families.

If you want to join the serried ranks of Cybernats, buy a Proud Cybernat badge below and await your daily orders from the First Minister (that was a joke for any Britnats for whom irony is just a ferric adjective).

As Dick Gaughan, the man who had the idea for the badges on a Wings over Scotland comment thread has said:
"This is how we can really get them on the run - mockery. Every insult like this we can turn around and use to our advantage and turn their own weapons back on them is superb."
On that subject, Better Together (2012) Ltd, the official name of Better Together obviously whined to Facebook about my Better Together Scotland Facebook page. If you want to see Better Together's tripe turned against themselves, please give Project Fear Scotland a 'like' on Facebook as I'm operating from there now. Let's see them try and claim proprietary rights to that title.

Get your Proud Cybernat badge(s) here!

Sorry, sold out - wow, what a whirlwind!

Many thanks to everyone who bought one, 5 or 10.  Overall 459 were sold in only 6 hours. I sold some of the early ones too cheaply as I'd forgotten how long it was since I last sold anything through PayPal and boy have their transaction charges gone up. However, overall they should have washed their face with a bit left over for Scottish Autism. Thanks also to Wings Over Scotland, from whose site many of the purchasers came.

If you missed the boat, please comment below with how many you'd like and I'll see if it's worthwhile ordering some more.

Click here to donate direct to Scottish Autism.