Friday, 7 February 2014

Better Together not feeling the Cameron Lurve?

You'd think Better Together would be cock-a-hoop. The First Lord of the Treasury, David Cameron, Prime Minister of these Sceptered Isles, delivering a rousing call for an Olympian Lovebomb from the Citizenry of RumpUK to their Scottish cousins.

Let's see:

What about Alistair Darling?

And Blair McDougall?

And what about the splitters in United With Labour? Don't be silly - they haven't done anything since their launch and relaunch. They don't even have a twitter account and their website remains nigh-on unchanged since it first appeared.

So, this much-heralded intervention in the independence referendum debate by the UK Prime Minister BT & UWL would like to see continue to govern Scotland in the future is met with tumbleweed all round from the official Unionist campaigns.

Are we about to see another split off from the laughable "togetherness and unity" of Better Together and United With Labour? Have they received a smacked botty from the real leader of Better Together? Will Ruth Davidson take her Tory toys and dosh away from Better Together and embark on a Feel the Lurrve strategy to replace the failed, self-styled Project Fear?

Here's at least one Englishman who won't be heeding the Lovebomb call (some fruity language):