Monday, 22 July 2013

Carry on Screaming in Your Own Home.

Better Together, the gift that just keeps on giving, have launched Blether Together: A computer tool that gives their activists access to lists of telephone numbers to call from home.

After all, Scots just love nuisance phone calls, don't we? Just imagine the joy of coming home after a long day at work and getting a call full of scaremongering from some spotty Tory Boy teenager or better still, you might get one of the stars - imagine the opportunity of discussing wee dugs and sausage rolls with Wee Ryan himself, or how voting No will make life better for Donald's ancestors?

Just imagine the unbridled joy of some confused CyberBore like Duncan Hothersall, George Laird (a real humdinger!) or Mulder1981 giving you a call with some scare stories as you're trying to make the tea.

Not for the first time, in their patronising attempts to appear hamely and Scottish, they've screwed up yet again.  They think blether just means chat.  The dictionaries (and most Scots) would tend to differ.  At least we're now seeing some honesty from Better Together.

blether [ˈblɛðə]
vb & n
Scot a variant spelling of blather
[from Old Norse blathra, from blathr nonsense]

blath•er (ˈblæð ər) 
1. foolish, voluble talk.
2. to talk foolishly; blither; babble.