Thursday, 11 July 2013

Project Fear Scares Darling into Saying Nothing About Indyref

On 6th July Alistair Darling told Scotland on Sunday that "No needs positive case".

"CAMPAIGNERS against Scottish independence must give people a “positive” reason for staying within the UK, Alistair Darling has said, ahead of a major speech this week on the case for Scotland’s place within the Union.
"In an interview with Scotland on Sunday, the leader of the Better Together campaign says he aims to make the “head and heart” case on the continuation of the 30-year-old Union, pointing to the economic and social benefits of the single UK state.
"It comes after a week in which the pro-UK campaign has been accused by opponents of “scaremongering” its way to winning next year’s referendum, by exaggerating the downsides of independence and failing to offer a convincing case for the UK.
"Darling says today that as well as raising questions about independence, the No campaign must give people a “good reason to come out and vote” in favour of the UK over the next year if it is to win convincingly."
Leaving aside the Chairman of a campaign apparently calling for a strategy U-Turn in his own campaign as if he was some outside observer, are we about to find out what the fabled "Positive Case for the Union" is? Unfortunately not. 

From the rushes of tomorrow's Glasgow University lecture published by STV News as Alistair Darling to Make Case for the Union, half of the lecture highlights employment opportunities for Scots in the rest of the UK. However, those employment opportunities would still be available to Scots after independence as will employment opportunities all over the EU. So the Chairman of Better Together is making no argument about the independence referendumn here, unless:
  1. He thinks Scots are too stupid to know about the EU's single market in employment.
  2. He thinks rUK will leave the EU.
If it's the latter, Scots will be happy to trade employment opportunities in rUK for opportunities throughout the EU.

The second half of his lecture centres on Britishness.  Unless Mr Darling is privy to some tectonic secret unknown to geologists, mainland Scotland will remain the northern third of the Island of Britain whether or not we are governed from Westminster.  Our Britishness will be unchanged by the referendum, just as Danes are both Danish and Scandinavian, we will be both Scottish and British.

It seems Mr Darling has been so spooked by the revelation that Better Together call themselves Project Fear, that his own Project Fear has scared him into saying nothing about the independence referendum in his much-heralded landmark lecture at Glasgow University tomorrow.

Quite apart from scaring its own chairman into silence, Project Fear appears to have succeeded in scaring MODUK all the way to the lunatic asylum with threats to declare Faslane Sovereign UK Territory if we vote Yes. Rosneath would certainly benefit economically with a relatively inexpensive 300 metre causeway from Rhu, now there's a shovel-ready project!

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