Sunday, 14 July 2013

Project Fear Giving Itself the Jitters?

It seems Oddbod Blair McDougall's Carry on Screaming strategy may be backfiring on his own support: "Better Together chief warns only a resounding win will be good enough." 

"In an interview with The Scottish Mail on Sunday, Mr McDougall said: "We've got to focus on winning first of all. My slight concern is that we don’t lose sight of the fact that this is not won yet; if the majority don’t turn up the minority will win." 

The campaign director harbours only a "slight concern" that his strategy of turning folk off from the debate by bombarding us with a relentless barrage of ludicrous scare stories has succeeded in turning off many potential No voters.

In the best Carry on Screaming tradition, he couldn't help "Lying Tonight". Once again, he tries to credit the Yes Camp with the Project Fear monicker:
"Mr McDougall also hit back at SNP opponents who brand his campaign ‘project fear’, saying the phrase shows ‘they are worried about us asking questions’."
However, as we all know Project Fear hit the streets as his own staff's nickname for Better Together.

"One of the charges against Better Together is that it is unremittingly negative, preferring to pose endless questions of the Yes side, rather than sell the benefits of the UK. Privately, some inside Better Together even refer to the organisation as Project Fear. McDougall is unrepentant about the tactics."
There does seem to be one strategy shift in the article though. Gone are the unremitting protestations of Scottish patriotism, replaced by a likening of Scotland to a used car:
‘All they need to do is get us to drive the used car off the car lot; if it breaks down after that then so be it.’
Is Mr McDougall having some kind of a breakdown? With positive images of Unionism like this filling the screens, it's perhaps understandable.