Monday, 2 September 2013

Huzzah! The Former Prime Mentalist is as Mental as Ever.

Quite why Labour would think trotting out the worst Prime Minister the UK has ever known, topping only his sojourn as the worst Chancellor the UK has ever known, to boost support for the Union is beyond me. 

Why on earth Blair McDougall, Chief Executive at the self-styled Project Fear / Better Together, should think this "awesome" blurred photograph of the former Prime Mentalist going loco would endear his Splitters United With Labour faction to Scottish voters is also beyond me.

Gordon Brown has been touting his left wing credentials, such as they are, and trying to associate himself with Red Clydesider names such as Keir Hardie and James Maxton, both of whom will probably be doing around 3,000 rpm in their graves at the notion.

Brown's big idea today? Vote No and he'll legislate the Scottish Parliament into permanence (Holyrood can be voted out of existence on the whim of Westminster).  There are 2 problems with this:

  1. The chances of Labour being elected to do any of this are negligible in a UK context.
  2. Even if Labour were to be elected to Westminster, they still couldn't legislate Holyrood into permanence. You'd think a former Prime Minister, even one with as tangential a relationship to reality as Gordon Brown, would understand the UK Constitution. Particularly the principle of the Sovereignty of The Crown in Parliament.
"The single most important principle of the UK constitution is that of parliamentary sovereignty. Under this principle, Parliament can make or unmake any law on any subject whatsoever. 
"No one Parliament is bound by the decisions of its predecessors, nor can it bind its successors. 
"There is no higher body, such as a supreme court, that constrains the legal authority of Parliament."
Is there no end to the lies he'll merrily tout?  Happily though, as predicted by Arc of Prosperity back in March, today Yes overtook No in the polls.  It looks as though the Scottish Electorate are not as daft as Better Together think we are.

The full poll tables from Panelbase can be downloaded here.

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