Thursday, 5 September 2013

The Fear Factor Part 1 of 6: This is the Fear Factor

Jack Foster has teamed up with Chris Silver to produce another series of 6 videos: The Fear Factor.  If they're all as good as Part 1, I'll be looking forward to them all. 

Hopefully #ProjectFear will find something objectionable and try to ban them so their circulation goes through the roof as it did with Top Ten Unionist Myths Debunked and indeed as it did when they tried to ban their own video of Scotland's greatest philosopher, Wee Ryan wittering on about wee dugs and sausage rolls. I suspect however, that even someone of the intellectual capacity of Blair McDougall will by now have cottoned on to The Streisand Effect.

Break out the popcorn and enjoy:

The Fear Factor: 'This is the Fear Factor' (1 of 6) from Rough Justice Films on Vimeo.

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