Monday, 23 September 2013

Snake Oil & Something for Nothing

Better Together are offering "free" 'limited edition' T-shirts to those who "donate" £10 or more to their campaign, with the slogan "We're not asking for the shirt off your back". So in any normal person's logic they are selling T-shirts for £10.

Just as the Lamentable Johann Lamont's "Something for Nothing Society" and talk of abolishing "free" prescriptions, "free" personal care for the elderly, "free" higher education, and "free" bus passes for pensioners is also tosh. None of these things are free. It's just that we Scots would rather spend our taxes on them than functionally useless £120Bn Trident penis extensions for politicians, illegal wars, punching folk above or below our weight, socialising private losses while privatising social profits like the Royal Mail and the NHS or feeding the bloated Westminster and Whitehall bureacracy.

Serious bit aside, you've got to wonder why they think the self-styled Project Fear's Chief Exec Blair McDougall is worth £100K a year when he chooses both the typography and layouts straight from a Victorian Snake Oil bottle to sell his message. If it looks like Snake Oil Better Together are selling ...

Hat tip to Allan Hunter for bringing this to my attention.