Monday, 16 September 2013

Photo Opps for Lonely People

Well, here it comes: Better Together's much-heralded Big Push to mark 1 year to go to the referendum. Yes Scotland activists have been quaking in their boots since the clarion call went out - will Scotland be swamped with Unionists haranguing the public this week? Fortunately we can predict the assault by using their website. We've just looked at the capital:

A whole 5 events? Wow! Better watch out that grassroots campaign doesn't become a brushfire. Let's have a look at these events:
  • Wed 18 Sep 13 Leafletting at Waverley Station 8am - 9am.
  • Wed 18 Sep 13 Leafletting at Brunstane Station 8am - 9am.
  • Wed 18 Sep 13 Leafletting at Brunstane Station 3pm - 6pm.
  • Wed 18 Sep 13 Leafletting at Haymarket Station 5pm - 6pm.
  • Sat 21 Sep 13 Stall at Edinburgh September Fest, Broughton High School 11am - 4pm.
  • Sat 21 Sep 13 Leafletting at Scotmid, Kingsknowe Road, 11am - 1pm. Top Tips for Better Together Activists: I know Longstone is a bit of a way out from Morningside and you may just have heard of it as a bit of Southwest Edinburgh where the poor people live; however, you'll actually find it here and you won't need your hiking boots and you may be able to purchase a soft drink at the Scotmid rather than drinking water straight from Threipmuir Reservoir.

A lonely BT Activist looks wistfully at the thronging Yes Scotland tent at the Edinburgh Mela.
Baxter Park, Dundee.
    Fife College at Glenrothes.
Dundee & Glenrothes photos from Wings over Scotland.

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