Friday, 10 January 2014

Logic's Rock: The 2013 Top Ten

Here's the top ten most read posts on Logic's Rock from 2013, counting down from No 10 in best pop pickers fashion.

In at No 10 we have Aye, Have a Dream! A report on the March & Rally for Independence in Edinburgh on 21 Sep 13.

At No 9  it's Harmony in Chaos, a report on Edinburgh University's public event of 21 Jun 13: "The Union: an Historical Perspective - Is it Better Together or Should Scotland say Yes to Independence" with a keynote lecture by historian Prof. Tom Devine.

At No 8 we have Ye Cannae Shove Yer Granny Aff The Outrage Bus. Project Fear and the Unionist press stoke unwarranted fears of North Korea style indoctrination of school kiddies.

In at No 7 it's The Perfect Storm, The Shitstorm and Der Stürmer. The nonsense that kicked off this blog in May with Susan Calman crying wolf over 'nasty' blog comments and the media spicing them up into non-existent death threats.

At No 6 it's How Long Has The Gorbals Goebbels Got? I speculate as to how long Project Fear's Tory donors will put up with Blair MacDougall's incompetence.

At No 5 we have Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre to debate with Salmond. Following David Cameron's cowardice, Project Fear scrabbles around for someone with more credibility than a washed-up, expenses cheating, backbencher brave enough to defend the Union in a live TV debate with Alec Salmond.

A surprise at No 4: David Cameron on Scottish Independence. David Cameron compounds his cowardice with laziness.

In at No 3 it's Sorry, But This Takes The Fucking Biscuit AB. HMG celebrating the start of the First World War has me throwing my toys out of the cot. Surprisingly the only exclusive bit of joining the dottery by this blog, Trench Foot in Mouth - The 1st Casualty of the WW1 Commemorations? didn't make the top 10.

Charging ahead at No 2 like a bull charging a toreador, it's my finishing off of Wings Over Scotland's fisking of Twitter's own Carmen - Duncan Hothersall's drivel uttered at an independence debate for Gay, Bi and Trans folk: Wings & Waffle about LGBT Issues.

Way out in front at No 1 (maybe I should mention football more often) we have What on Earth was the Brass Thinking? Scottish Armed Forces personnel make a sectarian spectacle of themselves at the Ibrox Not the Armed Forces Day event.

With apologies to Alan Freeman.