Tuesday, 28 January 2014

So who are British Unity?

It's actually rather difficult to tell. We have the internet creation that is Andrew Skinner (which may, or may not be a real name) of the Britnat Troll tweeting as @ASkinner2011 who apparently set up the British Unity Facebook Page which later morphed into Vote no to Scottish Independence and preserve the union.

British Unity used to have a website, www.britishunity.org which was linked from the Facebook page back in its more obviously Neo-Nazi days. Following an apparent bust-up between the delightful thugs running the 'organisation' the website went by the by, and now only a few sorry remnants of their Blackshirt Neo-Nazi style remain on Wayback, with links back to the Facebook page and the @BritishUnity Twitter account.

Websites have to be registered. Strange that an alleged friendly, neighbourhood "grassroots campaign" which was obviously not overly-endowed in the finance department should feel the need to shell out on registering the site through an anonymising agency in Godalming, Surrey. Strangely enough, the very same anonymising agency used by www.englishdefenceleague.org. Isn't that a coincidence and a half?

As is often the way with hate-based organisations, bust-ups happen. Here we have Sectarian Loyalist Bill McMurdo moaning that the other Administrators (presumably Skinner) wouldn't let them formally link up with Orange Heidbangers, (and again here) lest the association taint the thin veneer of respectability Skinner was trying to build up. Though I see Mr McMurdo maintains a link to the old British Unity site on his blog. Another delightful creature involved with the page was (may still be, I neither know nor care) Billy Muir, though he seems to have been born again and his god hates jews and gays.

Following in the great tradition of united Unionist togetherness set by Better Together and United With Labour (Splitters!), on 16 May 2012 a faction split off and set up another British Unity Facebook page, this time called Do Not Break Our Unity.

Following the murder of Drummer Lee Rigby, both pages were festooned with EDL graphics.  Though, following their exposure as EDL graphics, Skinner was careful to remove them from the first British Unity site, perhaps picking up that the histrionics down South were not replicated up here. DNBOU has no such qualms and this ludicrous EDL graphic entitled RIP Woolwich Soldier, but depicting the silhouette of an American soldier giving an American salute remains there to this day.

So what was the reaction of Andrew Skinner? Well, until I blocked him I was bombarded with contradictory tweets and comments on the article and overblown threats of legal action.

Given that I had in the interim established that British Unity was originally run by a coterie of neds, I amended the article to read 'he or his colleagues'. Skinner appears to believe that because someone has added the word Party to the display name of the @BritishUnity twitter account, this makes it a totally different account. Well here's me with the KT I awarded myself for the 2 minutes it took to take this screenshot:

Despite saying on Twitter that they deleted the @BritishUnity Twitter account, in the comments on the article he says they never ever had that Twitter account.

Anyhoo, I shall leave Skinner and his EDL/SDL/Orange chums to enjoy their new-found friendship with Scotland's purveyor of hate, Graham Grant of the Scottish Daily Hate.  We have a positive message of hope to get out there, enough of the dark underbelly of the internet and its chum on the Daily Mail.