Sunday, 12 January 2014

Stronger Together? Мы арсе!

Stronger together? My Russian arse! Last night the Twitter hastag #indyrefski was born as the Sunday Herald reported that the Prime Minister has been begging for the help in winning the independence referendum of not only Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, but also Vladimir Putin as Russian and G8 President.

Hang on. David "the referendum is a for Scots alone" Cameron, who would have us believe he strides the World Stage like a Colossus on our behalf as Prime Minister of the mighty "punching above its weight" United Kingdom needs the help of the Russians, and not just the Russians - he wants Putin as G8 President to influence the whole G8 against Scottish independence?

How feart can Cameron be? How puny can the UK Government be if it cannot deal with a peaceful Scottish independence movement without Russian, Spanish and others' help?

The self-styled Project Fear has succeeded not in scaring Scots into voting No, but has scared the living daylights out of Cameron and the UK Government because they know the case for independence is strong, so strong that they feel they needs the help of Spain, Russia and the whole G8 in putting down the Scottish independence movement.

They are right to be feart, the case for independence is far stronger than the puny United Kingdom. After all, it's made in Scotland from girders.

Undecided about the referendum? Cameron's own aide is quoted in the article: Cameron aide had warned Scottish independence could "send shockwaves across the whole of Europe"!

We can see now how puny the Wizard of Oz act of the UK State actually is. Stronger Together? They admit that even a sovereign, wee Senga McGlumpherty can "send shockwaves across Europe" simply by voting Yes. It's time to realise our own power and reclaim our sovereign rights as Scots.

Of course, it's only reported that Cameron has asked Putin, not that Putin has said Yes. Indeed the embarassing (for Cameron) leak through Tass may be as good as a No from Putin. Why Cameron thought Putin would sign up to any of his plans after Cameron's psychopathic delusions of grandeur in Russia in September escapes me.

David Cameron's aide meets the Russians:

Addendum 13:15 hrs. Here's a link to the BBC Scotland News website. Their churnalists have managed to churn a press release from Project Fear about their academics whining about student fees for rUK students in an independent Scotland, but still nothing on the biggest news story of the day. Scots are better informed by TASS.

Hat Tip to @Boglestone: "Great work comrades, internet meme production has increased 200%."