Sunday, 12 May 2013

Hootsmon on Sunday Caught Out Again

It seems they have no shame, even recycling old 'news' that has been utterly discredited. When I alighted on the Hootsmon on Sunday's website this morning, I didn't initially realise I was reading a  recyled article from 28th April 2013.

Since anyone with half a brain in Scotland would think twice about speaking to the Hootsmon for fear of what would be printed (They could probably even twist any utterance of Alec Salmond-Accused into a diatribe against independence), The Hootsmon on Sunday has had to cast its net wider in search of quotes. Things must have been getting desperate when someone even came up with this as the premise for an article: Let's contact the descendants of the 9 Scots who signed the American Declaration of Independence and see if they are anti-separation for Scotland?

THEIR Scottish forefathers earned their place in history by signing the Declaration of Independence that created the new nation of the United States of America. But two centuries after a band of famous Scots helped end British rule across the Atlantic, their descendants are opposed to Scotland taking the same road to separation.

Can you imagine an American referring to the American War of Separation?  The intrepid Derek Lambie spoke on the phone to some members of the association for the descendants of these 9 Scots. I'll bet he didn't use the S word to them!

Anyhoo, the interweb can be a bitch.  Gone are the days when you can print whatever you like about what someone said 3,000 miles away, they're only a mouse-click away now.  Much of the article quotes a Lt Cdr John Glynn.  However, his good lady wife, the redoutable Kathryn Glynn wasn't having any of it and posted in the comments:

I am the wife of Lieutenant Commander John Glynn of Glynstewart and I would like to say I was on speakerphone and heard the converstation between John and Derek Lambie. When we saw the article "Declaration of Independence 'wrong for Scots'" we were stunned. The words Lambie wrote was not what John said. He best go back to his notes or his recording if he has one and rewrite the article. My husband NEVER said he was against Scotland separating from the UK. Those are Lambies words, and he changed other remarks adding his own comments. It is unprofessional and Derek Lambie should be ashamed of contriving such a story. My husband expected an honest story and sadly that is not what he got. My husband did say Scotland should listen to their people and vote what is best for Scotland. We are property owners in Scotland.

Kathryn Glynn of Glynstewart

Both John Glynn and Jim Alexander, another principle contributor gave their side of the story as to what transpired between them and Lambie on Peter Curran's Moridura Blog.