Saturday, 25 May 2013

Just Who Hates The English?

Nigel Farage being unceremoniously ejected from The Canons' Gait pub on Edinburgh's Royal Mile after bizarrely disturbing the afternoon trade by bringing in a press pack and Student counter-demo, has opened up the question over whether the desire for Scottish Independence is inherently anti-English.

This morning, on the BBC's Good Morning Scotland we had Margaret Curran MP, Labour Shadow SofS for Scotland hammering home that the opposite is the case, peppered with the usual Britnat self-loathing.

The Yes campaign's view of of our future relationship with the remainder of the UK is that they will be our neighbour, friend, EU and Commonwealth partners and NATO allies.  The No Campaign's view of rUK is that they will be foreigners who will put every conceivable impediment in the way of Scotland's future success.  Who has the most positive view of the English?


Yes: We'll share Sterling as the UK did with Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and many more independent countries and still does with Man and the Channel Islands.

No: We're not sharing, so there! We'll even persuade the UK Chancellor to say he'll cut his nose off to spite his face.


Yes: We'll share specialist resources with our friends and neighbours to our mutual benefit, just as is planned with NI and Ireland at the moment, free of charge to the patient.

No:  You Scots will have to pay lots and it'll be too complicated for you to be seen at Specialist Centres in England and we'll not be sending our Geordies to your Beetson Centre. We're not sharing, so there!

Citizenship and Borders.

Yes: We'll be EU Citizens with open borders with our neighbours as we have at the moment, just like the Irish whom the UK do not regard as foreigners.

UK / Ireland Border
No: rUK will be Johnny Foreigners who will erect barbed wire and machine-gun posts at Carter Bar to keep you Scots out.


Yes: Scottish shipyards will continue to bid for contracts from the rUK Royal Navy etc.

No: We Labour and Tories would rather have ships built in Korea as we do at the moment. Scots are a security risk.

It is becoming patently obvious that it is the Yes Campaign which has a positive, mature view of our English and other rUK neighbours whereas the No Campaign view them as future foreigners with an immature "It's my ball and you can't play with it" attitude who will put every conceivable impediment in the way of Scotland's success.  

Not only do the No campaign appear anti-English, their wish for every impediment to be put in Scotland's way displays a fair amount of self-loathing as well.

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