Sunday, 12 May 2013

The Positive Case for The Union

I'm a fair man and thought I'd reserve a space near the top of this blog for the positive, forward-looking case for the union.  As soon as I hear it iterated, I'll reproduce it here.

17 July 2013: Well, we're a year down the line and the (sour) cream of Project Fear politicians have battered us with baseless scare story after baseless scare story, yet the fabled positive case for the Union still eludes them. In reviewing the material put out by Better Together, I can find nothing more positive in tone than Student Wee Ryan of Glasgow's contribution to their launch video. It certainly sounds positive but if there's anyone out there with enough recreational substances inside them to tell me what it means, I'd be grateful.

Wee Dugs & Sausage Rolls

Shamefully, Better Together have tried to airbrush Wee Ryan from history. Time Lord and Social Worker Donald of Edinburgh, however, remains proudly on the Better Together map. Donald's positive contribution is voting No to get the best for his ancestors (and possibly his lice).