Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Wargames, Strategy and Keich Ma Breeks

I appreciate I'm a newcomer to this Cybernattery game, indeed I've only been at it for 2 weeks and only joined Twitter (@logicsrock) a couple of days ago. However, I've rapidly discovered that the BritNat game is to wind up as many Cybernats as possible, driving as much traffic (and revenue) as possible to their sites. Furthermore engaging in any attempt at discussion is impossible on forums or newspaper comment applications, often leaving the Cybernat exasperated and tending to look as much of a swivel-eyed loon as his Britnat adversary is.  The Britnat pronouncements are so ludicrous as to be almost beyond parody.

For example, as wisely predicted by Wings Over Scotland, we've just had 2 days of Banks being too big to be bailed out by Scotland followed by they'll all run away South - I'm looking forward to tomorrow when they explain why we'd still be liable to bail them out after they've become English banks. Today's Scotsman is warning Scottish independence: ‘RBS and HBOS may leave’ whereas yesterday's Telegraph warned that UK exit from EU would be 'loss/loss scenario', warns Goldman Sachs, Perhaps RBS should buy the East Coast Main Line and decamp to a train permanently running between Europhile Scotland and UKIPLand.

My point is that there is absolutely no point in engaging with this kind of tosh.  However, as we found with the Europe issue which is now an absolute embarrassment to Fettered Together, it's worth tracking these stories for when they come back to bite Fettered Together on the bum.

There have also been (partially justifiable) complaints from Britnat politicians of being assailed by a swarm of Cybernats whenever they venture into the online arena.  I say partially justifiable because it is also hypocritical because they wanted to ruffle Cybernat feathers in the first place.  What ensues, whether it be on Twitter, on a discussion forum or on a newspaper comments board, does not look edifying at all to the singularly most important observer - the undecided voter.

I've come to the conclusion that the best thing Cybernats can possibly do to a Britnat is not to engage with them. Remember the film Wargames where a computer threatening global thermonuclear destruction is taught that nuclear war is a no-win game by playing itself at noughts and crosses? The relevant clip is below.

The sole strategy of the No campaign is fear. Engaging with them in real time does nothing whatsoever to dissipate any inkling of fear in the only person that matters - the undecided voter.  Indeed, it's often Cybernats publicising the tosh that draws the undecided voter's attention to it.

I therefore thought of a strategy which would allow us to log the ludicrous scare story, register our disagreement with it and, most importantly, deploy that most devastating of weapons - take the mickey out of it.

I propose that the first Cybernat on the scene of a Britnat pronouncement online, be it on Twitter or wherever, comments only with the ironic hashtag #keichmabreeks. Nothing more.  Other Cybernats on seeing that the scare story (for that is all Britnat pronouncements ever are) had already been tagged with the suitably derisive hashtag should then refrain from entering the fray.  The blogosphere could then hunt out the hashtag and dissect the scare story in slow time, suitably backed by evidence and peppered with derision and humour as necessary.  Yes Scotland's hands can be left unsullied to promote the positive message, the scare story gets no publicity from us, voters will soon come to understand what #keichmabreeks on a 'story' or tweet means and, above all it will drive the Britnats up the wall if we just don't engage with them other than a single #keichmabreeks tag.

There are no points to be scored in this war and the only decisive battle will be fought on 18 September 2014. The only people that matter are the undecided voters and most of them will make their minds up in the weeks immediately preceding the vote. Let's rise above the disunited negativity of the No Campaign of UKIP, Better Together, United With Labour, Respect, The SDL, The BNP and The Orange Order.

I'd be grateful for the thoughts of my fellow Cybernats.

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